Occam’s L3 modern humans

Occam’s L3 modern humans

If you need to conjure Back To Africa Migration L3 Eve, combined with always earlier and more anatomically modern human mass migrations Out Of Africa II and III, then your theories are not really predicting successfully.

Denisovanucleic acid

L3 Out of Africa Denisovans

Mass human migrations and interbreeding due to catastrophes and conquests? Local rapid transformations of DNA or global changes in mankind genetics? Multiple multiple waves of genetically unique and new humanoids? Not L3 Out of Africa, or if it is then why or what was the electromagnetic trigger transmutation of those original African genes? •Asian genomes …

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Race walking

out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

Another example of shoehorning the conclusions of your own results into standard theory? Even if your own data does not and can not fit into the shoe? After fleeing out of Africa, their DNA mutating the instant they left the continent, part of the L3 wandering tribe went halfway across the world in only 20,000 …

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Not Out of Africa

evolution electromagnetic catastrophe electric universe theory

Is the human story of ‘Out of Africa’ theory finally completely dead? And other theories based on that including human evolution? Another research article or find showing that Neanderthals and modern humans were interbreeding way before ever anticipated by theories. And this latest report is an absolute monster with its implications. If early humans were …

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