Kimberlite pipes

Plasma mineral and diamond pipes

pipes diamond lamproite kimberlite breccia formation

Does this diveflyfish experiment show one possible plasma geology explanation for diamond producing lamproite pipes, kimberlite pipes and other types of pipes such as breccia pipes? Plasma pipe experiment Quartz pipes and mineral pipes The Argyle AK1 Pipe (lamproite pipes) is mined for diamonds. Other mineral pipes seem to produce or be the origin for …

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Lamproite barramundi

Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe

The Argyle diamond pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. Most diamond mines are located on a kimberlite pipe. The Argyle diamond mine pipe is also the reverse of kimberlite diamond pipes, it has low grade diamonds but the lamproite diamondiferous ore has the highest density of these diamonds …

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Ringwoodite diamond mystery

ringwoodite diamond mineral mantle layers

Diamonds, according to the theory of Geology, are formed and then ‘stored’ in a very special area under the Earths surface called diamond stability zones. This is where the special conditions of pressure/heat/energy/mineral combo is found to form diamonds. Special minerals that make up the mantle are also theoretically formed and found deep under ground. …

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