Isle of Arran

What is pitchstone?

pitchstone obsidian arran

What is pitchstone? How is pitchstone formed? Is pitchstone just a special variation of volcanic glass? A form of obsidian rock created in high water conditions such as underwater in the sea? Is pitchstone from the same source as lava rock around it but it has been transformed or transmuted by another process leaving or …

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Specimen Mountain and pitchstone

pitchstone 7 specimen mountain never summer range volcanic glass

Pitchstone, a special and rarer type of volcanic glass that is high in water content, is found on the Isle of Arran, Scotland and also on the slopes of Specimen Mountain in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Specimen Mountain, in the fantastically named Never Summer Range, and the Scottish Isle of Arran also have numerous …

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Isle of Pitchstone


Pitchstone rock is a variation of natural glass and similar to obsidian. Pitchstone seems to be a rare beastie found in a couple of places in Scotland, one of those is the Isle of Arran. This natural glass rock is called Pitchstone or Pechstein in German, as it resembles pitch that makes it look differently …

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Isle of Rare Earth Minerals

Isle of Arran and Rare Earth Elements metals fergusonite gadolinite

The Isle of Arran is one of the few locations in Great Britain where you can find minerals with rare earth element. REE’s (rare earth elements) are a select group of chemical elements in the periodic table that have similar physical properties. Some of them are not that rare, it seems they are rarer as …

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Isle of Minerals

arran minerals island isle

The Isle of Arran has a lot of minerals, should the Isle of Arran be alternative known as the Isle of minerals? Arran not only looks like it has interesting geology from its coloured geology maps, it has, as hopefully predicted through Electric Universe geology, a massive variety of minerals. This variety is also surprising …

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