Immanuel Velikovsky

Doppelgänger History

Doppelgänger Doubles history Immanuel Velikovsky

Are the double myths of similar mighty Kings and events but in different era’s and civilisations the result of standard chronology being incorrect?

David Rohl suggests ” Nimrod and Enmerkar (Sumerian king list) were same person. Both great kings and hunters, alive one generation after Noah’s Flood, both built a city called Uruk/Erech. ”

Are there Doppelgangers in history, 100’s or 1000’s of years apart? Or have the same God Kings and their mythical hero feats been replicated and doubled up in our western timelines? But how could this happen?

How long did the first millennium last?

Theodosius I Theodoric roman gold coins

A few not recorded cultural events over a long time, the odd year here and there, and they could add up to 1 decade or more. What do you do when new folklore evidence suggests you have a King or event that could not have existed, as your history already has dates with a different story or even worse a similar mythology?

A new chronology for Saturn Configurations

hathor menat necklace suckling

Using the heliocentric cratering model to date moons in accepted chronology, may need to be modified. If impact material has been more recently catastrophically created then the history of Saturn’s moons could be very much younger. Other parent planets also?

Electromagnetic Lunar Swirls

Magnetised Lunar Swirls

Lunar swirls may be the result of electrical sorting, attraction and depositing (electroplating) of material on the moons surface, according to a peer reviewed research paper. Due to possible ancient magnetised crustal structures such as lava tubes or dykes. Or perhaps in the past massive natural electric discharges transforming rocks. Or in the present day …

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Water asteroids, what are asteroids?

asteroids 2004 EW95 water Vesta

Another Kuiper Belt asteroid discovered with, in theory, only what can be water transformed physical features, to go along with the mighty Vesta. Asteroid 2004 EW95 is a very unusual carbon KBO but scientific analysis has suggested clay on its surface as well as other watery minerals. Water on asteroids, what are asteroids? Most objects …

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