Hexagonal storm structures on Jupiter

hexagons plasma

Polygon hurricane type storms around Jupiter and hexagon shaped storms on Jupiters poles. Plasma and its electromagnetic structures are scalable. Are hexagonal shapes a natural structure in space weather, geology and the universe? Nasa’s Juno mission to the gas giant Jupiter has reached its halfway mark and has revealed new views of cyclones at the …

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Hexagonal craters

hexagonal craters magnetic fields

Hexagonal craters. How can the hexagon shape be formed due to meteor/asteroid impacts? How are irregular polygons and similar angles of the crater rim be formed in very different local conditions from very different asteroid types? Hexagonal craters on Earth, planets, moons and asteroids Hexagonal craters shape formation They look to be created as a …

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Hexagonal clouds

hexagonal cloud shapes

Hexagonal cloud shapes are producing interesting physical features that may be used for geology and also are being suggested as an answer to the Bermuda Triangle mystery. If things are scalable and variations in a plasma Electric Universe then are these hexagonal cloud formations a version of Saturns’ polar hexagonal shape and perhaps hole punch …

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