Saturn Configuration imagery

saturn polar configuration planets

These are a collection of images showing the Saturn Configuration planets and system in various forms. These are mostly from the viewpoint of those witnessing the spectacle from planet Earth and reflecting in the mythology. There are some Saturn Polar Configuration mythology symbols and diagrams but this is not meant to be a collection of …

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Taking the Electric Wind out of EU sails

electric wind Venus universe plasma cosmology

Are scientists now scrabbling to adopt Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology ideas into their explanations of natural electromagnetic phenomena they are observing everywhere? Julian West pointed out that not only in a recent report where mainstream science used the words ‘Electric Wind’ but generally more and more space news articles are using typical EU theory …

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Stone Age ‘telescopes’

horizon astronomy

Were some stone age monuments used to enhance the viewing of a particular section of the night sky? Were some megalithic sites built to help isolate star constellations at certain times of the year? For example the first rising above the horizon of an important seasonal or festive marker star? If plasma phenomena were witnessed …

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