Palaeontologists suggest 1 day fossilization

La Bajada Patagonian Highlands fossils instantly quickly

Paleontologists investigating a massive fossil area in Argentina have suggested that the fossilization may have happened within 1 day. That is nearly instant fossilisation compared to the traditional paleontologist theories on how things are fossilized over a very long time. The fossils were preserved almost immediately, in less than a day in some cases. “You …

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Telluric currents in Earth’s core?

telluric currents

Have the effects of telluric currents deep underground in the Earths core been observed? Interpretation of the data from ESA’s Swarm satellites have concluded that an iron jet stream flows through the the region geologists term as our molten metal core, that the natural wire perhaps goes half way around our globe. show intense field …

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God fathers

sobek Amenhotep III 3

My father, who art in heaven? Were Egyptian Pharaohs earthly representatives of their sponsoring god, their godfathers? This New Kingdom statue shows pharaoh Amenhotep III with a solar form of Sobek, likely Sobek-Horus … [Sobek] He is first known from several different Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom, particularly from spell PT 317. The spell, …

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Wilpena Pounded by shock waves?

Wilpena Pound cymatics

For those interested in electromagnetic geology the Wilpena Pound in Australia is a mightily impressive and interesting geological feature. Looking at Wilpena Pound in the large scale and the Flinders mountain range it is part of, they curve sharply in what looks like impossible geology. But what does this strange ridged natural amphitheatre and the …

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