A new chronology for Saturn Configurations

hathor menat necklace suckling

Using the heliocentric cratering model to date moons in accepted chronology, may need to be modified. If impact material has been more recently catastrophically created then the history of Saturn’s moons could be very much younger. Other parent planets also?

Do you Hathor tattoos?

pharoah Egyptian tattoos man woman

Ancient Egyptian males as well as a females had tattoos, it has been discovered. Only women tattooed skeletons or mummies had previously been found. Were both this man and woman priests or servants of Egypt’s bizarre god Hathor and its priesthood that also had priestesses? Researchers have discovered the oldest figurative tattoos in the world …

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Egyptian Steves

steve egyptian mythology sky gods plasma

Are these variations of Steves? Are these Egyptian Stephens? Could the mysterious Dendera light bulb be a plasma Steve or interpreted in other plasma ways? Comparative mythologists certainly do with various manifestations. Perhaps with the aurora Steve some of these may be variations of Steve Birkeland Smiths. And if not aurora Steves then perhaps plasma …

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Hathor and ancient Egyptian tattoos

Hathor tattoo Egyptian designs tattooing ancient

Goddess Hathor, the strange cow featured deity of ancient Egypt, appears to also be linked to Egyptian tattoos. Her artisan followers including both priests and priestess, and even little blue figurines linked to burial rituals which Hathor was an important part of, seem to display dots and patterns that could be tattooed. The most famous …

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