Hannes Alfven

Plasma double layers

double layers dl dls plasma

Plasma double layers – also known as a Langmuir plasma sheath, Langmuir sheath, plasma sheath – information, descriptions etc. Also includes Debye sheaths. More will be added as found. You can read more about Irving Langmuir, Hannes Alfvén and Kristian Birkeland. Double layers (plasma sheaths) A plasma formation by which a plasma protects itself from …

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Plasma Cosmology debunked

Plasma Cosmology debunked theory wrong evidence plasma universe

Plasma Cosmology debunked – list of articles, forum threads, evidence, blogs arguing that the Plasma Cosmology theory is wrong. If you are wondering what is Plasma Cosmology then this person on the Physics Forums writes about this thoughts on its ideology and concepts compared or related to the Big Bang theory. Things related to the …

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