The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe?

Electric Plasma Universe

2 of the 4 fundamental forces are suggested to have an infinite range of effect, action at an infinite distance. These are the mysterious Universal Constant forces that are Gravity and the perhaps slightly more understood forces that are electromagnetic in nature. I am a betting man. Sometimes I even like a drunken gamble. There is a difference.

All aboard the Gravity train

All aboard the constant Gravity gravy train. Unfalsifiable funding, Constant careers, peer reviewed pensions, accepted awards. Scientists have subsequently devoted considerable resources to identifying dark matter in space, on the ground and at CERN, but without success. In 1998, a team of Australian and U.S. astrophysicists discovered the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, …

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The sound of the Gravy train


OMG! Results, indicate, best dark stuff detection technology in the Solar System. THAT’S OMG! The world’s most sensitive dark matter detector demonstrates record low radioactivity levels. Results from its first run indicate that XENON1T is the most sensitive dark matter detector on Earth. The sensitivity of the detector – an underground sentinel awaiting a collision …

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Wal Thornhill

wallace thornhill wal

Wallace Thornhill or Wal Thornhill as he seems to be called, is one of the founding fathers of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory). We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power …

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The Emperor’s new clothes have black holes in them!

black holes gravitational waves space time continuim fabric

Was the recent Gravitational Waves event the end of most alternative science theories and especially the Electric Universe theory? YES. And no. Surely the universal fanfare of LIGO’s results completely confirmed Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and all the stupendously mind melting phenomena that goes with it such as black holes, dark matter, the Big …

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