Gorleston On Sea

The Giants of Gorleston

giants Gorleston Norfolk Suffolk

Did you Gorleston-On-Sea the size of those East Anglian giants? Giant skeletons of people and monumental coffins buried in St Andrews the local Parish Church and old Priory, or, as the locals would say, thats ‘oooge! (huge). *W. E. Randall caveat.

Gorleston-On-Stone Circle?

Gorleston stone circles druids East Anglia

Did the once historically very important Gorleston-On-Sea in Norfolk/Suffolk have an unusual for East Anglia stone circle and megalithic Dolmen? Before their supposed destruction in 1786 could you have called it Gorlestonhenge?

Or was it all the imagination and forgery for profit by the local prankster W E Randall who died in 1855? Randall appeared to be a writer because it has been suggested that in 1831 he was editing the Gorleston and Southtown Magazine.

Shell middens or mussel beds?

shell kitchen middens

Are these shell middens from the herring fishing industry that used to set sail from Gorleston and Great Yarmouth or are they older mussel beds in a mud strata? If natural shell beds or deposits then how old are they? Are they just recent remains stuck in the intertidal mud? Why does the layer that …

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