God King Scenario

Tutankhamun killed by meteorites?

Tutankhamun Tutenkh-amen Tutenkhamen Electric Universe theory mythology

Was Tutankhamun killed by meteorites? Or by an increase in heavenly and planetary chaos that may have resulted in more asteroids near Earth and more meteorites striking the planet? If the main purpose of a Phoarohs reign was to bring order out of chaos or maintain heavenly and Earthy peace then would they lose their …

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Mars ocean tsunami scenarios

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

What are the EU theory explanations and/or alternatives of the recent suggestion of geological evidence (and computer modelling) of at least two Mars tsunamis created by meteor impacts in a now missing Mars ocean? Are they the result of what colossal event formed the Valles Marineris and perhaps other grand canyons on planets? It has …

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What was Hathor?

Hathor Milky Way cow goddesses what why

What was Hathor? What was this strange Egyptian goddesses with so many different titles, names and imagery? Hathor, Lady of Amentet, the Dweller in the Great Land, the Lady of Ta-Tchesert, the Eye of Ra, the Dweller in his breast, the Beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years, the Seat of Peace of …

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God King Scenario

Tutankhamun pectoral Mars mythology

The God King Scenario is a Velikovsky/Ackerman and Electric Universe theory inspired series of mythology books and a website run by Gary Gilligan. At the moment it is investigating the Egyptian world and mythology – especially the crazy numbers and physical characteristics of Egypts Gods, Goddesses and Pharaoh Kings. Who can even start to understand …

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