Ceres – palimpsest craters

ceres craters filled dust lava electric universe theory

Ceres geology looks to be very interesting with all its craters and even those mysterious relatively bright spots. But what do the dwarf planet Ceres craters mean or imply for the comet formation theory, comet geology and the EU theory? The latest (first!) decent image of active asteroid Ceres looks at the palimpsest craters mystery. …

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Ceres – geomorphology and origin

ceres geomorphology surface origin

What will Ceres geomorphology suggest about the dwarf planet? Will it show evidence of water features such as water erosion? Will it show active geology such as stress fractures, lines, movements? Will Ceres geomorphology provide a puzzle for astronomers and scientists? Will it change planets formation theories? Will this dwarf planet or large active asteroid …

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Water features on asteroid Vesta

Astonishing and very surprising news for planetary science has been announced with the discovery of water features on the asteroid Vesta. Asteroid Vesta should be dry but water and debris flowing features/erosion has been seen in some of its craters – creating gullies and fan shaped deposits. These have to be water based geology features …

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Venus had liquid CO2 oceans?

venus liquid Carbon Dioxide oceans

Early Venus may have had oceans of CO2 (liquid Carbon Dioxide) according to a new theory as to why its physical features look similar to Earth and other planets, even including Titan. At the moment Venus is hot and dry but has those puzzling Earth, Moon, Mars like geology features. So it had to have …

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