Lower Crustal Conductors and resistors

Geoelectric magnetotelluric Lower Crustal Conductor

Electrically conductive and resistant geology structures, geomagnetic fields, geoelectric fields, Lower Crustal Conductor, magnetotellurics… volcanic electromagnetic geology? researchers are using magnetotelluric, or MT data, which measures the Earth’s subsurface electrical conductivity. Variations in the geomagnetic and geoelectric fields can reveal much about the subsurface structure and temperature, as well as the presence of fluids such …

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Dark streaks on Mars surface

geomorphology mars dark streaks

More intriguing dark streaks on Mars. Why are other planets, moons, asteroids and comets geology based on Earth’s water geomorphology? What is creating these dark streaks on Mars? No one is sure. Candidates include dust avalanches, evaporating dry ice sleds, and liquid water flows. What is clear is that the streaks occur through light surface …

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Mars Attacks everything!


The exploration of Mars seems to have raised more questions than answers. The latest gathering Martian storm, that may engulf both planets, comes from geological evidence that seems to blow apart all scientific theories to do with the formation of planets, our solar system and geology. Is Mars, the planet and god of war, about …

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Pluto craters

pluto craters

Pluto, suggested to be composed of ice and rock with its surface a massive 98% nitrogen ice, has revealed more craters that look like craters found on other planets, our Moon, moons, asteroids and active asteroids (comets). These other space bodies in our solar system are not made of the the same material, have a …

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Pluto ice shield volcanoes

planetary geomorphology earth mars pluto volcanoes

Have ice volcanoes been discovered on Pluto? You can try to find shield volcanoes on planet Earth or Mars that look like Pluto’s supposed ice shield volcanoes but it is difficult. If you can please comment below with the links. You can find perhaps one similar feature in a shield volcano but not a combination, …

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