The flattening of Ultima Thule and contact binary theory

contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

The walking speed collision then sticking and melting together of contact binaries was not original predicted and the theory is still unexplainable for the flattened shape of Ultima Thule lobes. This was the first trans-Neptunian object other than the planetary systems we have photographed and done a fly by. It is absolutely guaranteed that lots more TNO’s like Arrokoth (Ultima Thule) will be even weirder and totally unexplainable.

New explosive Deep Impact craters

Hayabusa 2 Deep Impact

What will happen when a metal cannon ball is smashed into the rock like asteroid Ryugu at 300 meters per second? Or when scientists hope to explosively create the peregrine falcon crater using explosives on its surface? Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 will attempt to collect a sample of rock from an asteroid on 22 February… …

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Surprising Mars geology InSight

Mars geology surprise InSight

The NASA InSight Mars mission will be full of surprises for geologists and massive modifications of current theories, but not the abandoning of them although a good geology theory should vaguely predict. A seismometer will measure marsquakes and meteorite strikes, using the waves generated by those events to build a 3-D picture of Mars’ interior. …

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Geology apology

weather systems similar on different planets moons brown dwarfs stars sun

We are owed a geology apology from the peer review oligarchy. Jupiters moon Titan was meant to be very different from the planet of Earth. “Titan is a very active moon,” said Sebastien Rodriguez, an astronomer at the Université Paris Diderot, France, and the paper’s lead author. “We already know that about its geology and …

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