Hexagonal craters

hexagonal craters magnetic fields

Hexagonal craters. How can the hexagon shape be formed due to meteor/asteroid impacts? How are irregular polygons and similar angles of the crater rim be formed in very different local conditions from very different asteroid types? Hexagonal craters on Earth, planets, moons and asteroids Hexagonal craters shape formation They look to be created as a …

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Flux Transfer Events: AC/DC?

Flux Transfer Events FTEs

Flux Transfer Events appear to regularly connect planet Earth with the Sun.Every few minutes there is a massive flow or exchange of power/current from our planet to our plasma star, plasma cosmology. Is this a DC circuit or in an Electric Universe is this an AC circuit?

AC/DC Electric Universe?

Alternating Current or Direct Current AC/DC Electric Universe theory

Are the natural electric currents in an Electric Universe AC, DC, AC/DC and/or something else? Is there technically no such thing as a true steady state Direct Current or flat line DC? electricity is the movement of electrons. All matter is made of atoms, and all atoms have electrons. AC/DC: What’s the Difference? | Public …

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