Electrical geospace and Universe

Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond book review

Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond is a book published by the American Geophysical Union and states: electric currents also occur in nature by themselves and run the show in outer space… It is now understood that outer space is fundamentally electrical in nature. Electrical Earth, solar system and universe Electric currents are fundamental to …

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Erupting the magma chamber paradigm

electricity volcano magma chambers lightning

The end of localised magma chambers being the only natural power source for volcano eruptions? Natural electrochemistry processes. The formation, storage and chemical differentiation of magma in the Earth’s crust is of fundamental importance in igneous geology and volcanology. Recent data are challenging the high-melt-fraction ‘magma chamber’ paradigm that has underpinned models of crustal magmatism …

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Hexagonal storm structures on Jupiter

hexagons plasma

Polygon hurricane type storms around Jupiter and hexagon shaped storms on Jupiters poles. Plasma and its electromagnetic structures are scalable. Are hexagonal shapes a natural structure in space weather, geology and the universe? Nasa’s Juno mission to the gas giant Jupiter has reached its halfway mark and has revealed new views of cyclones at the …

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Surprising Mars geology InSight

Mars geology surprise InSight

The NASA InSight Mars mission will be full of surprises for geologists and massive modifications of current theories, but not the abandoning of them although a good geology theory should vaguely predict. A seismometer will measure marsquakes and meteorite strikes, using the waves generated by those events to build a 3-D picture of Mars’ interior. …

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What in Earth was that?

electromagnetic earthquakes tremors

A mysterious wave (frequency) travelled around the world yet it was not an earthquake or detected by global monitoring stations. What in Earth was it? On 11 November, something stirred near the French island of Mayotte off the west coast of Madagascar and sent a rumble around the world. Travelling at 900mph, the deep hum …

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