Geomagnetic jerk

Step up to the ochre

manufacture natural Earth pigmentation

Red ochre the archaic paint manufactured to daub rock art, perhaps highlighting sonic hot spots (archaeoacoustics) in ancient megalithic structures such as Malta’s Hypogeum, the most desired paste to stain skeletons for burial. Why did these skilled people, all around the Earth, perhaps for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, manufacture this pigmentation? This …

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Geomagnetic jerks

Geomagnetic jerk

Geomagnetic jerks seem to produce changes to physical properties of planet Earth. Changing geomagnetic properties and other measured things such as the rotational spin rate of our planet. A large geomagnetic jerk not only changes Earth’s magnetic field it also changes the length of the Earth’s day. Periodic wobbles in Earth’s core change the length …

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