The Sleeping Beauty of instant fossilization

asphyxiation instant fossilization fossils

Asphyxiation by volcanic gases then instant fossilisation through electromagnetic transmutation processes? Or 2 dinosaurs sleeping peacefully, not noticing a local volcano eruption when most animals seem sensitive to eruptions before they happen? Bodies not damaged and perfectly persevered with not one single sign of a death struggle?

Twisting by the Pole

Maczuga Herkulesa Manpupuner stacks

The rock cudgel of Hercules is a remarkable limestone formation in Poland that looks partly twisted. The Maczuga Herkulesa rock in Ojców National Park seems partly similar to the awe inspiring Russian stacks on their small mountain of the (Rock) Idols. Maczuga Herkulesa is a tall (30 meters) limestone stack situated in Ojców National Park …

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Lightning Standing Stone Circles

Jove Jupiter Zeus lightning bolts

Are some megalithic standing stone cicles designed and constructed to attract lightning strikes? Archaeology survey near Callanish say yes. But why would they need it? A geophysical survey around one of the stones has astonished archaeologists by revealing a star-shaped pattern formed by one, or possibly multiple, earth-shaking lightning strikes. New technology has exposed a …

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Fossil islands and Sutton Knoll England

Sutton Knoll Pliocene seas fossil island

Sutton Knoll in Suffolk England is a famous and very rare fossil island of Pliocene Coralline Crag in a Red Crag sea on London Clay. Rockhall Wood is its location and you can find marine shells including mussels, phosphatic nodules (coprolites), quartz stones, pipes, sand waves and pebble layers. The Pliocene geology of what was …

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Plasma: Metals into Fourth State of Matter

geology transformation pressure shockwaves

Liquid metal converted to plasma. Geology, space dusty plasmas and minerals, resistant and sometimes willing chemical elements forced to be transmuted. University of Rochester’s Dr Mohamed Zaghoo and colleagues observed, however, there is another way to create a plasma: under high density conditions, heating a liquid metal to very high temperatures will also produce a …

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