Geology surprise

Surprising Mars geology InSight

Mars geology surprise InSight

The NASA InSight Mars mission will be full of surprises for geologists and massive modifications of current theories, but not the abandoning of them although a good geology theory should vaguely predict. A seismometer will measure marsquakes and meteorite strikes, using the waves generated by those events to build a 3-D picture of Mars’ interior. …

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Pluto ice shield volcanoes

planetary geomorphology earth mars pluto volcanoes

Have ice volcanoes been discovered on Pluto? You can try to find shield volcanoes on planet Earth or Mars that look like Pluto’s supposed ice shield volcanoes but it is difficult. If you can please comment below with the links. You can find perhaps one similar feature in a shield volcano but not a combination, …

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Geology is just a theory …

geology is only a theory

Geology is just a theory … it is not a law, it is not correct, it is just an interpretation of data. A long-standing fact widely accepted among the scientific community has been recently refuted, which now has major implications on our understanding of how Earth has evolved. Until recently, most geologists had determined the …

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Mariana Trench: new tectonic plate and surprising deep sea volcano?

Mariana Trench record deep tectonic plate volcano rocks

Not just perhaps a new tectonic plate discovered deep in the Mariana Trench but also surprisingly deep volcanic activity at over 3 miles deep with volcanic glass evidence. New deep undersea tectonic plate discovered? … a sample collected from an earlier expedition suggested that a previously undiscovered tectonic plate lies at the bottom of the …

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Different volcano eruptions but same zircon crystals?

volcano zircon crystals formation

Do similar minerals and precious stones form in different ways in different locations or are they created instantly where they are found? Are similar gemstones and diamonds formed instantly from the same process? Similar plasma/electromagnetic events giving similar diamonds, precious gems, metals and zircon crystals. In a paper published this month in the journal PLOS …

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