Peer proposed theory of plasma cosmology

plasma cosmology

A peer reviewed and proposed plasma cosmology and parts of Electric Universe theory. Noguchi’s depiction of the Milky Way’s history begins at the point when cold gas streams flowed into the galaxy (cold flow accretion) and stars formed from this gas. During this period, the gas quickly began to accumulate α-elements released by explosions… When …

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Make the [feathered] dinosaurs blush

Sun Earth climate connection plasma

Wonderful bureaucracy. Stuart Agnew Norfolk farmer, politician, Member of the European Parliament and [political] EU law rapporteur helped propose an official paper that suggests… Rather than human activity, the Agnew report attributes climate change to cosmic ray fluctuations and gravitational pulls from elsewhere in the galaxy, sunspot activity, ocean currents and greenhouse gas water vapour, …

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Mars atmosphere is interconnected System

Mars Gaia Electric Universe

Mars atmospheric layers connected. Electric Universe theory suggests and predicted that everything, especially planets, are connected in a Gaia type way. A new study using data from the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft has found clear signs of the Martian atmosphere acting as a single …

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Gaia Electric Universe theory EU

If Gaia, the idea of everything in a world being connected and part of a feedback system, then how would even one human or one life form on a ‘dead’ planet effect that planet? Would one electromagnetic life have virtually zero effect on that planets electromagnetic signature? Or like a sun grazer comet could it …

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