Local extinctions by asphyxiation?

Local extinctions by asphyxiation

Did the death erection of some extinct animals, such as Mammoths, suggest they were killed by local and instant catastrophic mass mortality events, that also sometimes triggered autoerotic asphyxiation? In his article about the Indelicate Details of Alaskan Muck – that is pure Tim Cullen at his best – he explores the Sexual Habits of the Adelie Penguin’s, autoerotic asphyxiation, Beresovka Mammoth, postmortem Priapism, limnic eruptions (Lake Nyos CO2 example), close encounters with comets, gas asphyxiation and gas poisoning, Livor Mortis, and more.

Italy’s Dolomite Alps strata and fossils

Italy’s Dolomite Alps and strata

A section of the Southern Limestone Alps the Dolomites are known as the Pale Mountains because of their colour from the carbonate rock dolomite rock. They have multiple layers of different material including strata with marine fossils such as large clams. Beautiful Lake Misurina (Lago di Misurina), is nestled among northeastern Italy’s Dolomite Alps. Also …

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Palaeontologists suggest 1 day fossilization

La Bajada Patagonian Highlands fossils instantly quickly

Paleontologists investigating a massive fossil area in Argentina have suggested that the fossilization may have happened within 1 day. That is nearly instant fossilisation compared to the traditional paleontologist theories on how things are fossilized over a very long time. The fossils were preserved almost immediately, in less than a day in some cases. “You …

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Problems with evolution theory – molecular clocks

problems with evolution theory post gondwana

There are a number of main problems or questions for evolution theory. New evidence or interpretations of studies will continually bring further issues and perhaps modification of the theory of evolution or the dismissal of the studies results. Molecular Clocks are normally used to date fossils when there is little or no geological material to …

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