Flint and chalk

The Norman conquest of East Anglia by the historic Pevsner Caveat

Sir Nikolaus Pevsner Architectural Guides Norman Saxon Churches of England

There is doubt for what is evidence of Early to Late Anglo-Saxon architecture and when did conquered rural areas start building in the Norman style? Very strangely for the land of the East Angles, with its unique and staggering amount of very old round towered flint churches, the interpretations of Saxon or Norman examples are still creating confusion.

Is this due to Sir Nikolaus Pevsner and should he be known as Norman Pevsner?


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Flint is a mystery. So much flint yet geology does not know how it is formed. It is quiet amazing that something so in abundance as flint is still a puzzle as to its origin. Not only is there a mystery about how flint is formed but what is it? Flint is a variation of …

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