Not black, not holes

not black not holes

Shock. Not black, not holes. Unfalsifiable black holes. New image by the Earth-to-Space Interferometer RadioAstron of a supposed BH and its incredible 3 light years long plasma jets (or Birkeland plasma filaments?). Some of these massive black holes eject spectacular jets composed of plasma flows at close to the speed of light, and which can …

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Interstellar filaments and hub system

surrounding filaments and accreted

Combining variations of filaments/plasma with and junctions and layers Professor Williams interprets beads along the (Birkeland?) filaments, plasma currents and more to be parts of the interstellar filament and hub system. The images come from the video (links to 2MB gif). Swirling motions in clouds of cold, dense gas have given, for the first time, …

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Not a south eastern knot

space plasma filaments south eastern knot

the Veil Nebula was once a star. Now it is a twisted mass of shock waves This Hubble Space Telescope image shows just a small part of the nebula, a region known as the ‘south-eastern knot’ it flung its outer layers into space at more than 600 000 km/h. What we see now is these …

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Who’s the daddy? Stars or filaments?

bernard 5 stars proto plasma filaments

Very interesting discovery in the Barnard 5 (B5) region of space where they have found 4 clumps, concentrations, pinches of gas (plasma?) along gas filaments. Are the plasma, gas filaments the power supply for these proto stars? The actual reason why the proto stars are there? Or are the filaments there because the plasma, electromagnetic …

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Galactic plasma bones

galactic bones plasma galaxy

Science seems to be finding evidence of galactic filaments, although they call them galatic ‘bones’ as they seem to be making up the skeleton of the universe. An Electric Universe would require galactic ‘circuits’ and these galactic bones including the Nessie bone are evidence of such plasma filaments in galaxies. Scientists are finding more evidence …

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