Another Darwin Dilemma

Darwins Dilemma

Why did the evolution of birds and especially birds beaks slow down recently? Evoslowlution? Shouldn’t the evolution process continue because environmental conditions have certainly continued to change. The study revealed a burst of rapid changes in beaks about 70 million years ago, allowing birds to exploit different habitats. More recently, despite the number of bird …

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Is Larry a mammoth evolutionary step?

Larry mammoth Columbian

Is Larry the odd tusked mammoth: An evolutionary step of the mammoth Just a juvenile large mammoth or deformed mammoth Evidence of electromagnetic evolution Evidence of ultra quick evolution The mammoth fossil found has 2 tusks but each individual one seems at first discovery glance to come from a different type of mammoth. The size …

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Natural building blocks of animals


Update 31/1/2017 Although an ancient bird it had already evolved some strange and unique characteristics for its kind. Or nature given it the information to instantly change its dna and be born with these new features?

Geomagnetic Evolution – Ancient and Modern

Electromagnetic Evolution EM energy fields strength

Could changes in planet Earth’s magnetosphere – strength, reversal of direction etc – also change and evolve humans? Have EMF changes in the past evolved ancient and more modern human races? Will future geomagnetic reversals create new electromagnetic evolutions? Have all lifeforms on planet Earth undergone geomagnetic evolution? In 1982 experienced anthropologist and pharmacologist Francis …

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