EU theory

Charles Bruce

Charles Bruce electric stars thermonuclear theory universe eu

Charles Bruce was an early proponent of electricity linked to stars and our sun but he seems to have suggested that the electrical activity was only external and not internal. Bruce believed the theory that stars were powered internally by some form of nuclear fusion but that all its atmospheric phenomena were explained by electrical …

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Electric Matter: Mass, Weight and Density

gravity mass weight comparison electric universe theory eu white dward earth

Are mass and weight electric in nature? Is gravity an electromagnetic force? If these things are electrical in nature or influenced by an Electric Universe then are planets and space bodies orbits also an electromagnetic phenomenon? And then the calculated density of objects could also be wrong? Below are quotes from Electric Universe theory (EU …

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Plasma double layers

double layers dl dls plasma

Plasma double layers – also known as a Langmuir plasma sheath, Langmuir sheath, plasma sheath – information, descriptions etc. Also includes Debye sheaths. More will be added as found. You can read more about Irving Langmuir, Hannes Alfvén and Kristian Birkeland. Double layers (plasma sheaths) A plasma formation by which a plasma protects itself from …

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Proposed theory is Modified Velikovsky?

worlds in collision evidence Immanuel Velikovsky

A proposed theory that seems to help solve the faint young sun paradox, sounds similar to Immanuel Velikovsky’s ideas and theories about Worlds in Collision and that the planet Venus is a new planet. The basic astonishing idea is similar enough that Ray Villard the reporter mentions Immanuel Velikovsky. This idea leaves me a …

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