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Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2019:1 contributors investigate the usual wide ranging disciplines and subjects with even a bit of British black mat (black earth) and Homer astronomy making an appearance in this SIS published magazine or PDF. Chronology and Catastrophe magazine The contents of the latest Society for Interdisciplinary Studies journal/PDF: An Examination of Chronological …

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What was Hathor?

Hathor Milky Way cow goddesses what why

What was Hathor? What was this strange Egyptian goddesses with so many different titles, names and imagery? Hathor, Lady of Amentet, the Dweller in the Great Land, the Lady of Ta-Tchesert, the Eye of Ra, the Dweller in his breast, the Beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years, the Seat of Peace of …

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Comet conflagrations


Comets were feared as things and portents of horror, doom and catastrophe in our ancient skies. The Electric Universe theory suggests that it is the comets electromagnetic nature interacting with planet Earth’s magnetosphere (or any other comet/asteroid with any other planet or moon) that may cause these catastrophic events possibly also including plagues and famines. …

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Mytholithics: Mongolia

deer stones mongolia altai plasma mythology

Why and what are the associated mythology with the Mongolian Singing Stones (lithophonic rocks), the stones found in the Qiemu’erqiek Cemeteries? (direct link to PDF), the Deer Stones of Mongolia of the Altai people? Are they representations of plasma mythology and events in an Electric Universe? The stone statues in the shapes of people are …

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Was Saturn the Sun?

Was is Saturn the Sun mythology configuration polar saturnium

Was planet Saturn the primordial Sun in ancient skies? Roman festival Saturnalia remembers when it ruled as the original star before usurper Jupiter. Other folklore around the world suggest it was in a fixed location, perhaps a Saturnian polar configuration?

This is explored through Electric Universe theories, plasma cosmology and mythology.