EU investigators

Hannes Alfven

Hannes Alfven plasma researcher space universe electric scientist founder

Hannes Alfven (Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén) – one of the original investigators and thinkers of plasma physics – the father of plasma cosmology – with parts of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) based on a plasma universe. It seems that astrophysics is too important to be left in the hands of theoretical astrophysicists who …

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Kristian Birkeland

Kristian Birkeland plasma Electric Universe theory EU space

Kristian Birkeland (Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland) – plasma researcher and scientist – one of the first to really investigate space plasma. It seems to be a natural consequence of our point of view to assume that the whole of space is filled with electrons and flying ions of all kinds. We assume each stellar system …

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Irving Langmuir

irving langmuir plasma scientist electric universe theory eu

Irving Langmuir – scientist of nearly everything it seems! Also investigated plasma and coined the term plasma. Irving Langmuir – biographies by Electric Universe theory websites The interest in double layers made a great leap forward when Langmuir began his investigations. He introduced the term plasma in his paper “Oscillation in Ionized Gases” (Langmuir and …

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