EU geology tour 2016

Tour day 6: plasma petroglyphs

petroglyphs sun saturn plasma discharge

The geology tour around the Grand Canyon area entered its last day with the promise of viewing petroglyphs. Is there an unexplainable thing potentially more explained by plasma comparative mythology? An early start to try to avoid the immense heat of the day that the rest of the tour had enjoyed/endured, a decent walk beside …

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Tour day 6: Slip sliding away

road cut at Kingman Arizona

The morning of the last day of the geology tour went past a great road cutting at Kingman, Arizona. After a stop at one end, where Andreas Otte explained what we were looking at and Michael Steinbacher’s ideas of what the EU geology was showing or could imply, we then did another pass and return …

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Tour day 5: MIA or OOPA?

Geology mystery missing out of place lava basalt rock Nevada

Where does this black rock (volcanic basalt rock?) come from around the Oatman/Kingman area in Nevada? Is the rest of the lava rock Missing In Action or are these isolated hills geological ‘Out Of Place Artefacts’? The volcanoes that are the only geology source of origin for these volcanic rocks are certainly MIA and mysteriously …

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Tour day 5: Hoodoo you do?

EU theory geology tour Hoodoos fairy chimney

Day 5 of the EU theory geology tour continued with more very varied scenery, rockery, mineralery, hoodery and foodery. Mountains or hill vistas with very different coloured material. On the flatter plains or level land a number of knobs, buttes, knobs or nipples were seen protruding into the sky, sometimes all alone in their splendour. …

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Tour day 5: Into the Golden Valley

Into the Valley but some not yet betrothed or divine as the 2016 EU geology tour went into the Golden Valley along the Oatman – Topock Highway, Arizona, on day 5. Ahoy! Ahoy! A look at an abandoned gold mine just above a still working gold mining operation. A narrow rock protrusion, volcanic intrusion, a …

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