EU experiments

The Thunderbobs Project™

The ThunderBobs Project

It has not always been official EU science theories and settled canon in what is now your Thunderbolts Electric Universe®. In one of those (slightly) I’m a Bobliever of The Thunderbobs Project™! David Talbott, in a 1995 interview with the AEON Journal, answers Dwardu Cardona’s most important question of his and today’s era – What about progress towards developing physical Saturnian models?

NASA’s Magnetic Universe

NASA’s Sofia mission, a Boeing 747 air plane fitted with a a 100 inch diameter telescope, has released news of its 2018 observation schedule with the wonderful but definitely not Electric Universe theory title of NASA’s Flying Observatory SOFIA to Explore Magnetic Universe and Beyond. With @SOFIAtelescope tweet saying now we’re looking forward to a …

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How to trigger a Tunguska event

tunguska explosion experiment

Using records of what occurred before and during the Tunguska event in Russia in 1908, combined with the EU theory, you should be able to trigger another Tunguska explosion or more recently the Russian meteor event (Chelyabinsk meteor). If you ran this as a real life experiment(!) then it should show Electric Universe theory evidence. …

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EU theory evidence: asteroid discharge experiment

electric universe theory evidence experiments asteroid discharge

Electric Universe theory evidence: asteroid discharge experiment to reveal that asteroids are electrically charged, similar to comets. Asteroid electrical discharge experiment A variation of the Deep Impact mission to Comet Tempel 1 but with an asteroid as the target. 1)The asteroid must have previously been in a part of its orbit in deep space that …

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