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Van Allen’s Electric Universe belt

Van Allen's Electric Universe belt

Local and in situ acceleration of elements to near light speed due to electromagnetic plasma cosmology, has been suggested for decades by Electric Universe theory. In natural processes similar to CERN the chemical elements are transformed by magnetic fields, plasma double layers etc.

Monstrous instant fossilization evidence. Or what?

rapid fossilization marine reptiles

A large 4 meter marine reptile coiled inside the stomach of a larger ichythyosaurs, yet no signs of digestion, has been found in China. Amazing large evidence for catastrophic instant fossilisation and transmutation of elements, especially sea water into rocky material. The hunters neck was also strangely broken and it’s food seems rather charcoaled, perhaps …

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Nebular hypothesis: radiation or excitation

Particles in electromagnetic fields can be energised and transformed. When particles, such as electrons, are excited then energy is radiated in various forms. The excitation of electrochemical elements can be seen in xrays, synchrotron radiation and other electromagnetic frequencies. Instead of dusty plasmas being compressed by the mysterious forces of unknown gravity and radiating heat, …

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Dusty Plasma Cosmology: Stars

dusty plasma universe

Dusty plasmas are observed in, near or around most astronomical features involving ionised gases or the interstellar medium. The hurtling along Parker Solar Probe spacecraft has detected dusty plasmas in the observable layers of the Sun, spheres that are cooler the closer you measure to its visible roiling surface layer. Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe, which …

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Comet 67P effecting the Electric Universe

comet 67p effecting electric universe electromagnetic magnetosphere

Comet 67P recently showed signs of being an electromagnetic active asteroid and effecting the Electric Universe. On 29 July, Rosetta observed the most dramatic outburst yet, registered by several of its instruments from their vantage point 186 km from the comet. They imaged the outburst erupting from the nucleus, witnessed a change in the structure …

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