Plasma: Metals into Fourth State of Matter

geology transformation pressure shockwaves

Liquid metal converted to plasma. Geology, space dusty plasmas and minerals, resistant and sometimes willing chemical elements forced to be transmuted. University of Rochester’s Dr Mohamed Zaghoo and colleagues observed, however, there is another way to create a plasma: under high density conditions, heating a liquid metal to very high temperatures will also produce a …

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Superconducting fun


This sounds like fantastic fun. What science and funding is all about. Scientists from Canada and Europe have published results showing that “decoration” of graphene samples with lithium can change the behavior of electrons passing through it and turn the super-material into a superconductor. It’s a property that was first predicted by a super-computer, now …

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Isle of Rare Earth Minerals

Isle of Arran and Rare Earth Elements metals fergusonite gadolinite

The Isle of Arran is one of the few locations in Great Britain where you can find minerals with rare earth element. REE’s (rare earth elements) are a select group of chemical elements in the periodic table that have similar physical properties. Some of them are not that rare, it seems they are rarer as …

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Elements of plague and famine

elements health death illness plagues famines electric universe theory eu

Could changes or transmutations of elements in the Earths environment by an Electric Universe catastrophe event, or just a change in our local solar system circuit, help stimulate the conditions for plagues and diseases that have swept round the world or effected certain areas? Or famine that could lead to plagues? If chemical elements like …

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Elements of a catastrophe

transmutation elements selenium catastrophe toxic poisoning

Could the transmutation of chemical compounds and especially chemical elements during disastrous Electric Universe events on, in or above Earth have contributed to the catastrophic mass extinctions of life on our planet? A report and new theory suggests that during or after the slightly mysterious Triassic, Devonian and Ordovician mass extinctions there were significant changes …

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