Element transmutation

Electron uptake by microbes

extracellular electron uptake microbes

Electricity of Microbes. The electric circle of life. Is this an episode in the Electricity of Life video series from the Thunderbolts Project? A Washington University team showed how a phototrophic microbe called Rhodopseudomonas palustris takes up electrons from conductive substances like metal oxides or rust to reduce carbon dioxide. New research from Washington University …

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Your’s was a bad date, mine was a catastrophe

catastrophic dates

Transformation of chemical elements, due to solar plasma storm waves, might change dating results for specific techniques. Traces of an enormous solar storm that battered the atmosphere and showered Earth in radioactive particles more than 2,500 years ago have been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet. Scientists studying ice nearly half a kilometre beneath the …

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New explosive Deep Impact craters

Hayabusa 2 Deep Impact

What will happen when a metal cannon ball is smashed into the rock like asteroid Ryugu at 300 meters per second? Or when scientists hope to explosively create the peregrine falcon crater using explosives on its surface? Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 will attempt to collect a sample of rock from an asteroid on 22 February… …

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Erupting the magma chamber paradigm

electricity volcano magma chambers lightning

The end of localised magma chambers being the only natural power source for volcano eruptions? Natural electrochemistry processes. The formation, storage and chemical differentiation of magma in the Earth’s crust is of fundamental importance in igneous geology and volcanology. Recent data are challenging the high-melt-fraction ‘magma chamber’ paradigm that has underpinned models of crustal magmatism …

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Diamond trees

Pandanus candelabrum diamond tree

A plant that has similar roots to a mango tree, has been suggested as growing only on kimberlite pipes. Does the Pandanus candelabrum plant show where diamonds may be found in Africa? Is this natural electroculture, natures electric fertilizer? a thorny plant with stilt-like aerial roots seems to be an indicator species for diamond-bearing kimberlite …

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