Element transmutation

Turning Io into an electric generator

Jupiter Io

It could be Jupiter’s moons and surprising tidal gravity heating effects.

Or scientists can seemingly ignore everything they have actually measured in their surprising observable solar system. Was every single discovery of the Io Jupiter plasmoids circuit a surprise and not initially predicted? It is all models and which construct you go with.

Still black, still holes?

black holes Hourglass Nebula

How can black holes emit more molecular plasma material than gravity attracting in? Why are active centres a power active white? Are black holes torus shaped electromagnetic plasmoids, similar in shape to the Hourglass Nebula? There was a time when the Universe could only possibly but incredibly unlikely have only 1 black hole. People were terrified into believing and funding research but in the safe actual knowledge that nothing as silly could exist in what was a wondrous but still natural universe.

Fossil islands and Sutton Knoll England

Sutton Knoll Pliocene seas fossil island

Sutton Knoll in Suffolk England is a famous and very rare fossil island of Pliocene Coralline Crag in a Red Crag sea on London Clay. Rockhall Wood is its location and you can find marine shells including mussels, phosphatic nodules (coprolites), quartz stones, pipes, sand waves and pebble layers. The Pliocene geology of what was …

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Plasma: Metals into Fourth State of Matter

geology transformation pressure shockwaves

Liquid metal converted to plasma. Geology, space dusty plasmas and minerals, resistant and sometimes willing chemical elements forced to be transmuted. University of Rochester’s Dr Mohamed Zaghoo and colleagues observed, however, there is another way to create a plasma: under high density conditions, heating a liquid metal to very high temperatures will also produce a …

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Flare up about main stream stars

mainstream star theory

A giant flare up for the theories of main sequence stars? The problems of Gravity and extreme energy processes in low mass environments? A team of astronomers from the United Kingdom and Germany has spotted a superflare coming from an L-dwarf star approximately 250 light-years away that’s estimated to be 10 times more powerful than …

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