Electromagnetic matter

A matter of change (intrinsic redshift)

redshift galaxy clusters groupings of age

Halton Arp’s evidence and theories, when investigating the possibility that redshift may be wrong, also suggest the possibility that ‘new’ matter can change as it gets older. Halton suggests when new matter is ejected from quasars they have extremely low mass (perhaps virtually no mass?), the initial mass of new quasar ejected protons and electrons …

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Marklund convection

marklund convection elements sorting layers filters

Marklund convection is an important process in Plasma Cosmology and for the Electric Universe theory (EU theory). Marklund convections create interesting results for plasma like Birkeland filaments (Birkeland currents). Are Marklund convections an essential part of planetary formations in our solar system for both rocky and gas giants? Does it also effect the structure of …

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Electric Matter: Mass, Weight and Density

gravity mass weight comparison electric universe theory eu white dward earth

Are mass and weight electric in nature? Is gravity an electromagnetic force? If these things are electrical in nature or influenced by an Electric Universe then are planets and space bodies orbits also an electromagnetic phenomenon? And then the calculated density of objects could also be wrong? Below are quotes from Electric Universe theory (EU …

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Electric Gravity

electric gravity electrical electromagnetic eu theory wal wallace theornhill

Electric gravity? What gravity actually is is still a mystery to science. We think we know what gravity does but we do not know why it does it. There are theories about gravity but what gravity really is has not been confirmed. Gravity is the weakest of the natural forces yet seems to have the …

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Science suggests Comet 67P is hollow?

electric universe theory evidence comet 67p hollow

Science theory, after results have been interpreted, suggests that Comet 67P is hollow! A hollow dirty ice ball. Visual evidence would suggest it is rocky. The fact we can see so far ‘into’ the comet, where its neck is, should suggest that it is not hollow. Are there any other theories that could explain it? …

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