electromagnetic light

Broken light symmetry experiment

properties of light waves Optical ring resonators

Optical dielectric ring resonators manipulate, what ever are lightwaves, to instantly change its polarisation and stop time reversal symmetry. What is light actually made of, what are its properties? National Physical Laboratory’s (NPL) researchers investigated how light can be controlled in an optical ring resonator, a tiny device that can store extremely high light intensities. …

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Wave hello to topological photonics

topological photonics

What is light? Will topological photonics help resolve the mysteries of this electromagnetic property of nature? Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have created a crystal maze to control how light spreads. Prof Robert Thomson and Dr Sebabrata Mukherjee have created a new kind of crystal to control the spread of light. Writing in the …

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Blue ice caves

blue light ice caves electromagnetism

The natural wonders of an electromagnetic universe. Blue ice caves due to absorption of electromagnetic light. Caves and similar ice formations can be created wherever liquid water flows through the ice. The astonishing shapes that result vary every year. Subsurface streams eventually hollow out an interior space, sometimes forming spherical or even egg-shaped areas. If …

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