Electromagnetic gravity

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher. What a name! What is it? It has to be cool whatever it is? Interstellar Crusher is a custom Python3 code running on Windows Subsystem for Linux. It continuously monitors the Possible Comet Confirmation Page and computes orbits of newly discovered minor bodies using Bill Gray’s Find_Orb (https://github.com/Bill-Gray/find_orb/commit/ abe3f5847aad4c39f1d82239bf343c876b3d1bd0). Detection of a possible …

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Equinox Spring tides

Super Moon spring tide

Why are spring tides near the equinoxes higher than a Super Moon spring tide (when a full moon is as close to our planet as it normally gets)? Why four tides in one day? Spring tides are named because the height of the tide springs back from low tides to spring up to a high …

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Broken light symmetry experiment

properties of light waves Optical ring resonators

Optical dielectric ring resonators manipulate, what ever are lightwaves, to instantly change its polarisation and stop time reversal symmetry. What is light actually made of, what are its properties? National Physical Laboratory’s (NPL) researchers investigated how light can be controlled in an optical ring resonator, a tiny device that can store extremely high light intensities. …

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The tide is high but I’m holding on

moon earth sun alignment perihelion perilune

Would the alignment of the Sun, Earth, Supermoon and their relative orbital distances around the winter solstice combine to create electromagnetic high tides and low tides? In Norfolk, England there were relatively exceptionally high and low tides. Both planet Earth and the Moon moving quickest through Sun’s electric charged plasma? Some of the shortest distances …

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