Life in an Electric Universe

Human electromagnetic evolution: embryos

human electromagnetic evolution evidence theory

Could the electromagnetic environment make ‘evolutionary’ type changes to humans? Especially during the early development of human embryos. Electromagnetic fields have been found to create ‘evolutionary’ type changes to plant seeds, or is that devolution? In human embryos, the SRY gene encodes a unique transcription factor that activates a testis-forming pathway at about week seven …

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Ice Age Catastrophe Evolution

Evolution by Catastrophe – European Man

Evolution by Catastrophe suggests that life evolves when Earth is struck or effected by natural catastrophes. One of the most famous is the Cambrian explosion, where a lot of animals and changes occurred, according to the Theory of Evolution and fossil dating theory. Could the ancient European man have been changed by the last Ice …

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Would Martian humans be Earth humans?

would martian humans be earth humans?

Would Martian humans be Earth humans? Would a baby conceived on Mars and born and brought up there be Earth human or a very different Martian human? Back when scientists first were studying these processes, they believed that information only flows from DNA to RNA into proteins. More examination, however, showed that the information can …

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