Life in an Electric Universe

Air plants on other planets?

Plant life on extraterrestrial planets Plant life on extraterrestrial planets airplants

What would plant life on other planets be like? How would alien plants survive, grown, bloom and germinate without Earth like soil, atmosphere, conditions? What about ecosystems? Could bromeliads provide one possibility for extraterrestrial air plants? bromeliads as observed in an electric grid near Carambeí, Paraná, Brazil. Bromeliads (Tillandsia recurvata) are aerial plants known for …

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Glorious dayelectric

Dielectric plasma

What a glorious electric day in East Anglia, a wonderful Norfolk dielectric to be alive. After days, weeks of blue sky with its charging sunshine and really warm days there appeared electric cloud formations linking upwards and downwards, everything. Streak cloud structure variations with like those found in the middle of holepunch clouds. And flying …

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Stromatolites as a lifeform have been on Earth over 3 billion years? How does the faint young Sun hypothesis cast doubt on this dating and standard chronology? They may look like round rocks, but they’re alive. Moreover, they are modern versions of one of the oldest known forms of life: stromatolites. Fossils indicate that stromatolites …

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Blue ice caves

blue light ice caves electromagnetism

The natural wonders of an electromagnetic universe. Blue ice caves due to absorption of electromagnetic light. Caves and similar ice formations can be created wherever liquid water flows through the ice. The astonishing shapes that result vary every year. Subsurface streams eventually hollow out an interior space, sometimes forming spherical or even egg-shaped areas. If …

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First giant growth spurts

Relatively ultra rapid dinosaur growth and dinosaurs had monstrous bird like multiple lung sacks? Could they have grown ultra quickly during their lifetime due to a different environment? Higher or lower atmospheric pressure… smaller strength of gravity? Could these particular lessemsaurids dinosaurs have been transformed during an electromagnetic evolutionary event? Or altered when in embryonic …

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