Electric Sun

Dusty plasma cosmology: Birkeland star filaments

Dusty plasma cosmology Birkeland filaments

As predicted by plasma based cosmologies the electric stars are powered externally by electromagnetic filaments (Birkeland currents). Astronomers have discovered a vast structure in our galaxy, made up of many interconnected “nurseries” where stars are born. The long, thin filament of gas is a whopping 9,000 light-years long and 400 light-years wide. What we’ve observed …

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All stars and our Sun are variable

Betelgeuse variable electric stars sun

All the stars and our Sun are variable plasma stars. Over 150,000 variable stars are known and catalogued, and many thousands more are suspected to be variable. Variables: What Are They and Why Observe Them? | American Association of Variable Star Observers Recurrent novae, superflares, CME’s are all part of electromagnetic stars variability, such as …

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Electric Universe 2020:VISION

EU2020:VISION Electric Universe theory conference Thunderbolts Group

This years Thunderbolts conference on Electric Universe theories is from 4 to 7 June in Portland USA. The EU2020:VISION speakers include the main EU experts with some more alternative presentations from Dr Irving Wolfe, Edo Kaal, James Sorensen, Dr Jerry Tennant, Dr Franklin Anariba, Andrew Hall and Eileen McKusick. Explore the unified underpinnings of the …

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Dusty Plasma Cosmology: Stars

dusty plasma universe

Dusty plasmas are observed in, near or around most astronomical features involving ionised gases or the interstellar medium. The hurtling along Parker Solar Probe spacecraft has detected dusty plasmas in the observable layers of the Sun, spheres that are cooler the closer you measure to its visible roiling surface layer. Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe, which …

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