Electric stars

Frank Sinatra Supernova

stars supernova iPTF14hls

An ‘exploding star’ has totally baffled astronomers by repeatedly going supernova (core material ejection) and not diminishing then dying. iPTF14hl exploded 5 times over 2 years. It’s the astronomical equivalent of a horror film adversary: a star that just wouldn’t stay dead. When most stars go supernova, they die in a single blast, but astronomers …

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Peer reviewed ‘EU’

electric fields plasma magnetospheres universe

Two recent peer reviewed type articles in Phys.org have seem to suggest its a universe of plasma, magnetic fields and stars born in electromagnetic environments and circuits. Plasma universe The universe is made up of plasma, which is easily influenced by magnetic fields and forces, leading to complex behavior. Plasmas are found throughout the solar …

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Working the star circuit

stars line power electric

For starting guestimates what basic electrical circuit stuff would you need to know? What feasible stuff could they now and in the future, electromagnetic spectrum observe and investigate with? Stream, material, outflow, plasma flow, stars, electromagnetic stuff. Stars constantly using, transforming, needing energy and elements. Circuits? Working the circuit Protostar FIR 3 (HOPS 370) with …

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Electric star in a jar

electromagnetic sun stars electricity SAFIRE project models plasma

The SAFIRE Project are starting to release more of its Phase 1 experiment results and are suggesting they are potentially observing a star in a jar, or in the case of the EU theory, an electric star in a jar. The SAFIRE Project is experimentally investigating the Electric Universe theory and especially the positive Electric …

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Electric star types

Electric sun star types

What are the electric stars types? What does the physical nature of an electric sun mean? The quotes below are from Wal Thornhill’s The Star ‘Proto-Saturn’ video presentation at a Thunderbolts Project EU Workshop. These notes start around 7:40 minutes in the video below. This is a good introduction to the subject and gives further …

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