Electric orbit

The flattening of Ultima Thule and contact binary theory

contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

The walking speed collision then sticking and melting together of contact binaries was not original predicted and the theory is still unexplainable for the flattened shape of Ultima Thule lobes. This was the first trans-Neptunian object other than the planetary systems we have photographed and done a fly by. It is absolutely guaranteed that lots more TNO’s like Arrokoth (Ultima Thule) will be even weirder and totally unexplainable.

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher

Interstellar Crusher. What a name! What is it? It has to be cool whatever it is? Interstellar Crusher is a custom Python3 code running on Windows Subsystem for Linux. It continuously monitors the Possible Comet Confirmation Page and computes orbits of newly discovered minor bodies using Bill Gray’s Find_Orb (https://github.com/Bill-Gray/find_orb/commit/ abe3f5847aad4c39f1d82239bf343c876b3d1bd0). Detection of a possible …

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Inclinations of Earth’s changes

Calendars Megalithic Malta ancient solar observatories

The Calendars of Megalithic Malta [temples] by C R Sant. Fine work Sir. Using pre historic data he investigates in the field of Malta’s and Gozo’s ancient huge stone structures. Heritage Malta suggest they are ancient solar observatories, starting construction a 1000 years before Egyptians Great Pyramid at Giza. But why were the Maltese buildings …

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