EDM craters

Planets largest impact crater or electric discharge scars?

impact craters australia largest on earth planet asteroid meteorite

The largest impact crater ever found has been discovered in Australia. Or is it the evidence and remains of an electrical discharge event coming from or to deep in the earths ground? The rock being transformed by the incredible energy, pressure and heat of the electromagnetic field and current. Australian Aborginal myths appear to mention …

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Ceres craters: rebound peaks

ceres craters central peak spire rebound impact

Ceres has many craters, lots of palimpsest craters but also many impact craters with central spires or rebound peaks in the middle of the crater. How were these formed on the dwarf planet? Are any relatively new or could these central peaks have only been formed at a precise older part of its formation? With …

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Ceres – palimpsest craters

ceres craters filled dust lava electric universe theory

Ceres geology looks to be very interesting with all its craters and even those mysterious relatively bright spots. But what do the dwarf planet Ceres craters mean or imply for the comet formation theory, comet geology and the EU theory? The latest (first!) decent image of active asteroid Ceres looks at the palimpsest craters mystery. …

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