Earthquake luminosities

Earthquake lights eql

Mysterious natural electric lights (perhaps some are glow mode plasma discharges?) have been observed before, during and after earthquakes since man could record such things. Earthquake lights are a phenomenon so unusual that they border on myth. The first known reports of them are from 89 BC, with spotty descriptions over the centuries. … Earthquake …

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Successful major Earthquake predictions

International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center IEVPC Kamchatka russia siberia

The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center press release states they have made successful major Earthquake predictions for 2017, again. Titled Major Earthquakes Predicted Months In Advance, this release discusses the recent successes by the IEVPC in predicting large earthquakes in New Zealand and the Kamchatka peninsula of Russian Siberia. Formed in February 2012, the …

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A Claude Blot on the landscape

Claude Blots Energy Transmigration Law Earthquakes

The Claude Blot echo is being felt and investigated more and more. The geophysicist Claude Blot in the 1960’s suggested that earthquakes transferred energy upwards from deep inside the planet instead of being produced and felt near the crusts surface. Claude Blot was able to successfully predict future earthquakes due to what he thought of …

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Mantle earthquakes

mantle earthquakes inner outer core

Geology theory suggests that earthquakes are surface events created by stresses and strains between vast tectonic plates. They are relatively not that deep. There is now a suggestion, from what seems to be actual physical experimental data and not just purely from computer modelling, that there may be even deeper earthquakes than previous theories have …

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