Earth’s massive implications

how do you calculated work out planets earth mass wieght figures

How do you calculate the mass of planet Earth? What are the implications of Earth’s calculated physical measurements such as its mass? Earth’s mass is calculated using theories and properties including gravity: F=GmM/r2 (Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation) F=ma (Newton’s second law of motion) This gives the massive figure of roughly 6.0 x 10(to …

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What are Birkeland currents? Information, diagrams, links etc.

Kristian Birkeland

What are Birkeland plasma helical filaments, his field aligned electric sheets of currents, how are they formed and what scalable structures do they help create and power in this electromagnetic universe? As dusty plasmas move through electromagnetic fields this creates forces that define the evolving shapes. Willard Harrison Bennett pinches, plasma double layers, Birkeland sheets and spiralling filaments appear to not only connect and shape galactic formations, they also provide natural electrical energy through potential differences of plasmas and electrochemical elements.

Moon and Earth connections?

earth moon connection plasma magnetic electrical

Update 7/1/2017 Ions from Earth transferred to Moon when in our shadow. If it is an Electric Universe then what connections are there between the Earth and our Moon?

Orbital resonances: Venus rose pattern

earth venus rose pattern orbital resonance

Is the ‘rose pattern’ that the planet Venus makes relative to its and the Earths orbit around the Sun over an 8 year period a sort of orbital resonance? Are other ‘sidereal patterns’ in our solar system also orbital resonances or just pretty patterns that have to occur?