Earth flip

Geomagnetic jerks

Geomagnetic jerk

Geomagnetic jerks seem to produce changes to physical properties of planet Earth. Changing geomagnetic properties and other measured things such as the rotational spin rate of our planet. A large geomagnetic jerk not only changes Earth’s magnetic field it also changes the length of the Earth’s day. Periodic wobbles in Earth’s core change the length …

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South Atlantic magnetic anomaly

south atlantic magnetic anomaly 1

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly – a mysterious place above the Earth where the Earths magnetic field acts strangely. Also, according to geology and astronomy this is due to something very strange in our planet or in its core. Because it could not be caused by anything else? A new study to Earths magnetic field measurements …

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What is east or west?

what is east west reversing

Is east where the Sun rises and opposite where the sun sets? Or are east/west located due to the magnetic north? Or physical north? Or found by the North Star or southern cross? Is east also where physical landmarks are located, like the sea or hills or a town? Especially 1000’s of years ago? What …

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