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Dusty plasma cosmology: Jupiter and Io

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Low or no thermal signals for Io’s volcanic explosion plumes. No need for volcanic heat. Ionised gases (plasma) containing dust like electrochemical particles moving in, through and part of Jupiter’s magnetosphere phenomenons. Transformation of chemical elements by electromagnetic forces flowing in the plasma wind. Charged material accelerating up their plasma fountain variation. “These results highlight …

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Nanodiamonds Dipoles

Nanodiamonds dipoles electric universe

Nanodiamond dipoles in space dusty plasmas, near plasmoid stars, with these diamond nanodipoles emitting electric dipole radiation? In astronomy, nanodiamonds are special because their structure produces what is known as a ‘dipole moment’ — an arrangement of atoms that allows them to emit electromagnetic radiation when they spin. Because these particles are so small they …

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Make mine a double


Cheers, make mine a double. The origin of binary stars has long been one of the central problems of astronomy. One of the main questions is how stellar mass affects the tendency to be multiple. … CfA astronomer Sarah Sadavoy and her colleague used combined observations from a large radio wavelength survey of young stars …

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Interstellar filaments and hub system

surrounding filaments and accreted

Combining variations of filaments/plasma with and junctions and layers Professor Williams interprets beads along the (Birkeland?) filaments, plasma currents and more to be parts of the interstellar filament and hub system. The images come from the video (links to 2MB gif). Swirling motions in clouds of cold, dense gas have given, for the first time, …

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Electric Universe spaceships

spaceships spacecrafts

With the solar system, galaxies seemingly connected by the plasma lattice could you travel along these electrified gas highways? NASA says it is a magnetic universe, combine that with a 99% plasma universe and you should have some form of universal natural power and potential differences? As well as the photon sail there have been …

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