divergent evolution

Evolution or rapid electromagnetic Quantevolution?

Rapid electromagnetic evolution quantavolution Alfred de Grazia

Conclusions from the research paper ‘The origin of endothermy in synapsids and archosaurs and arms races in the Triassic’ suggest relatively very rapid evolution for creatures living, breeding and dying in planet Earth’s dielectric environments:
# Birds and mammals likely acquired endothermy (warm-bloodedness) at the same time.
# Life remodelled itself most significantly in the aftermath of the devastating end-Permian mass extinction.
# The switchover happened in parallel with a shift in posture from sprawling to parasagittal in both major lineages.

Ultra rapid or near instant evolution through changes in worldwide and local electromagnetic energies?

Out on a limb

drepanosaurus divergent evolution convergent evolution forelimb anteaters

Out on an evolutionary limb with divergent evolution and convergent evolution theories producing similar physical characteristic? The Drepanosaurus fossil shows a relatively massive and unique forearm for tetrapods. But this large utensil is also present in modern day anteaters including the pygmy anteater. The tetrapod forelimb is one of the most versatile structures in vertebrate …

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