Ringwoodite diamond mystery

ringwoodite diamond mineral mantle layers

Diamonds, according to the theory of Geology, are formed and then ‘stored’ in a very special area under the Earths surface called diamond stability zones. This is where the special conditions of pressure/heat/energy/mineral combo is found to form diamonds. Special minerals that make up the mantle are also theoretically formed and found deep under ground. …

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Lonsdaleite Diamonds formed by high energy event?

lonsdaleite diamonds canyon diablo meteor crater

A recent study has concluded that the infamous impact mineral lonsdaleite or sort of diamond is a mineral changed by what science terms as a meteor impact. Lonsdaleite diamonds has been found around the Tunguska Event, Canyon Diablo (Barringer/Meteor Crater in Arizona), Popigai crater and other ‘impact’ craters or areas. Scientists have argued for half …

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