Blue Diamonds

blue diamonds cut moon stone

Blue diamonds are very rare types of diamonds. Although a very rare diamond type and colour, blue diamonds they have similar features even when found in different places around the world. This adds to the puzzle of diamond formation theory including Ringwoodite diamonds. Why are diamonds found on or just below the surface when geology …

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Why only 1 diamond mine in USA?

diamond mine Arkansas USA why how

Why is there only 1 diamond mine in the USA, considering the size of the country? The State Park called Crater of Diamonds is located near at Murfreesboro in Arkansas. There are a number of other Kimberley pipes in the area but only the Crater of Diamonds park has diamonds. It seems to not have …

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Instantly formed diamonds evidence

instant formed diamonds minerals evidence

Instantly formed diamonds evidence has been found and commented on by geologists but with the caveat that it ‘looks like’ the diamonds had to be formed instantly as it could not possibly be otherwise, could it? The Russian Udachnaya diamond has 30000 perfect tiny diamonds in a tight strip through the ore. Also in the …

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